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Welcome to Kels Marketing and Promotions.
We have been in the Promotional and Awards business for over 20 years. I specialize in working with those individuals and organizations to build their cause & mission, get their voice heard, you feel that nobody is listening, get your message in front of those who need to learn more about your story and how you can help. To learn more what you are about.

We are here to make a difference, to save lives, to prevent accidents, raise more money and awareness, grow your organization, get in front of more people, have others promote your cause and help get your message out.

I work in the gap between the businesses and your organization, to create the right targeted promotion for making a highly effective campaign to build relationships that will make the change that you are seeking.

You see, June 1993 I lost my 3-year-old daughter Kelsey to tragic drowning accident 8 feet away from a life guard that could have been prevented. I work to educate people, to prevent drownings and bring awareness. I have run my own 501(c)(3), I understand the problems and challenges. I deal with these everyday in my own experience.

Let’s put my experience to work for you to create the change you are looking for. “Be So Good That They Can’t Ignore You”

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Together we can make a difference.

Kaeser & Blair

Kaeser & Blair is the largest Independent Dealer Network in the Promotional Products industry. With over 2,100 Sales Associates, K&B is a solid, hard working, third generation family-owned business.

Our first interest is in the relationship with our customers and how we can best serve them. We offer over 700,000 quality products and promise to deliver to specification, on time!

While we are a big company with large resources, we don't focus on how big we are; rather, we look to provide personalized service for each and every one of our customers. Whether you are a small owner-operated company or a mega-sized Fortune 500 organization, Kaeser & Blair is the perfect place to fill all of your promotional products needs.